Monday, July 11, 2011

Camp Time

When I was a child, I never went to summer camp.  While there was always a part of me that thought a camp would be a lot of fun, there was also the part of me that liked my summers just the way they were - family vacations and fun with family and friends.  My kids, on the other hand, are getting the opportunity to go to summer camps like their Daddy did.

Two weeks ago, Angel Baby spent a week at North Georgia Christian Camp.  We dropped her off on a Sunday evening, after having decided to drive up to visit my mom beforehand since she lived so close to the camp.  We spent the day with my mom and my grandma, then took our girl to drop her off for her first ever week-long camp.  She had a great time, learning and playing, and was so excited to share this video that they made at camp.

The original artist of the song is Christian artist Jamie-Grace, who is from Atlanta. The kids all had a great time making the video. We are still awaiting a disk with pictures and videos of that week's camp session.

Last week, Monster Man had his first week away at camp.  He attended Camp Twitch and Shout, an incredible camp experience for children with Tourette Syndrome.  I'd heard that many of the kids that have attended have considered it the best week of their lives, and I was not at all disappointed when I picked Monster Man up from camp to find out that he'd had such a great time that he didn't want to leave and was already making plans for next summer.

I found this video of some of the different fun things that the kids experienced at Camp Twitch and Shout this summer.

We are also awaiting a disk of pictures and videos from Monster Man's camp. As soon as I can, I will share some of the pictures from both camps.

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