Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cell Phone Service without a Contract

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
So many of our friends and family members have complained to us about their high cell phone bills and being stuck in contracts that keep them from switching to lower-rate plans.  In the past, we've talked about getting one of these contracts ourselves, but we're leery of plans that could end up costing us an arm and a leg.  The truth is, we don't even use our current cell phones that much.  They are great for having for emergency use or when we are traveling, but we have a home phone that we prefer to keep for use when we're not out and about; and we don't want to switch to only using cell phone service because we want to know that should we both be gone and there is an emergency while a babysitter is here, that the babysitter or the kids can call for help.
The question, then, is how do we have cell phone service that meets our needs?  How do we avoid plans that lock us in and hold us hostage?  We're able to have prepaid cellular plans that meet our needs since we are real TracFone customers.
For real TracFone customers like us, there aren't just the typical prepaid plans that can be found in grocery stores or Walmart.  Sure, we can buy our phones there, as well as gift cards that allow us to add minutes as needed to our cell service.  TracFone also offers prepaid monthly plans, with options such as texting and even international long distance, and we can pay for our service online as well as through the pre-purchased cards.  Best of all, there is a wide selection of phones that allows us to find the phone that best fits our needs.
It's a relief to know that our cellular service isn't costing us an arm and a leg, and that we aren't trapped into a plan we no longer want.  If we ever want to change, we can do so without having to pay additional fees.  For now, though, we'll stick with TracFone!

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