Thursday, August 18, 2011

So Excited!

This weekend is going to be an especially busy weekend for me, one that I am very excited about!  Friday night, our softball league has a meeting for the coaches, where we will go over the rules and regulations, have any questions answered, and receive our team rosters for the fall youth league.  I am coaching Monster Man's team this season, and I'm anxious to find out which kids will be on the team with him.  One of my friends is going to be my assistant coach, with her daughter being on our team, and we will have three more assistants to help us whenever they can.  We're looking forward to a great season!

Saturday morning, I have to prepare for a cooking show, schedule to take place around lunchtime.  My Pampered Chef has been going especially well.  I'm only $19 away from submitting enough to reach my first goal level.  I have that amount in presales for another show, so I know I will have no trouble at all reaching that goal.  Now I am looking toward reaching my second goal.

Saturday evening, I have my first adult co-ed game of the season.  I am so excited to be playing again this time, since I've had to take two seasons off.  I cannot wait to be on the field playing an actual game again.

After church on Sunday, I am meeting with some friends from church to go to a painting class.  I really enjoy painting, and this will be such a fun way to spend some time with friends that I don't usually get to spend a lot of time with.  I hope to be able to share a picture of my finished painting soon.

Such a busy weekend ahead of me, and I cannot wait!

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