Friday, September 9, 2011

Two more postcards

We received two more postcards in the mail today!  Just when I think I'm catching up, I always get hit with a surprise card. :)

This first postcard came to us from a Postcrossing member in China.  This card was a prize-winning piece of art by an 8-year-old student as part of a competition celebrating the return on Hong Kong to China's Jiangsu Province.  The picture's theme is "Forest's Evening Party Celebrating Hong Kong's Return". What a fun card! It came in an envelope with some great stamps, too!

This postcard came to us from Eva in Spain.  Eva, like me, is a scrapbooker who think scrapbooking the postcards is a great idea.  Like the two most recent cards, this one also came in an envelope.  It had a giant stamp, which was a special edition stamp made last year, on the envelope.  We really enjoyed both the card and the stamp!

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