Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Been kind of crazy

It's been kind of crazy over the last few weeks.  Our already crazy schedule, thanks to school and softball, has had some twists and turns thrown into it that have managed to make things even more hectic.

About three weeks ago, Monster Man and Little Man both woke up sick one morning.  Right after getting Angel Baby on the school bus, I decided to take advantage of the fact that both boys were watching cartoons and that I'd have a relaxing day myself.  Not ten minutes after making this decision, I received a phone call from Angel Baby, using another student's cell phone, to inform me that her school bus had been in an accident with another school bus.  To make a long story short, I spent my 'relaxing' day in the ER with Angel Baby (who had some major muscle strain to her neck) while my mother-in-law spent the day with the boys.  Angel Baby's neck injury kept her out of school for over a week, per doctor's orders, which meant that I was busy taking care of her while finishing the daily errands and household tasks that I normally complete while the kids are in school.

Shortly after her return to school, we headed off to Camp Twitch and Shout for a weekend of fun with other families like our own, with at least one family member that has Tourette Syndrome.  It was a great weekend, one we really enjoyed, and it was so nice to find other families who knew what we were experiencing.

At some point during that time frame, we attended a mens softball game that our church plays in.  Last season, our team was undefeated.  For the final game, one of our church members came to the game dressed as a clown to cheer the team to their victory.  Sadly, our favorite clown died unexpectedly a couple months ago, so the mens team decided to make their first game of the season a tribute to him.  The players and those cheering them on put on clown wigs, silly ties, and make-up for the opening game.

The kids are all still busy with school, too.  Little Man was awarded Student of the Month for his kindergarten class for the month of September.

And we're still all busy softball, too!  The kids and I are all playing this season, and I am coaching Monster Man's team.

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