Friday, October 28, 2011

A little Halloween Fun

Angel Baby and Monster Man had a dance at their school yesterday.  It wasn't just any dance, though.  It was a pre-Halloween costume dance.  I usually buy their costumes on clearance after Halloween for the next year's Halloween.  I hadn't done this with Angel Baby, since she's been growing so fast lately, but I had with Monster Man.  Unfortunately, he decided he didn't want to dress up like Darth Vader after all.  So I told them they could either make due with the costumes they already had (Angel Baby had a couple of costumes that fit), or they could create something new.

Angel Baby decided that she wanted to be a chef, wearing an apron that my mom made along with a chef's hat and a blond curly wig.

Monster Man decided that he wanted to be a nerd.  He didn't have glasses (and you can't see his pocket protector in the photo since the photos turned out dark), but he did a pretty good job with the costume.

While they were at their dance, I took Little Man to a fall festival at a local grocery store.  He was thrilled that I'd bought him a Batman muscle-suit costume after Halloween last year (and for only $3!).

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