Saturday, December 3, 2011

This card had a very long journey!

When you first look at this postcard, you would think that it would only take a couple of days for it to make it from the sender, Theresa in Connecticut, to our family in Georgia.  Usually, that would be the case.  For some reason, however, this particular postcard took much longer than would be expected to arrive at our home.

Without looking at the date written on the back of the card or the postmark, I started reading the message.  I found it shocking to read that she and her husband were enjoying the great summer weather in Connecticut.  It was 28 degrees when I took the kids to school yesterday morning, so reading about summer weather up north was more than a little surprise.  That's when I checked the date...

The card was dated July 14, and it was postmarked July 15.  For some reason, the card took 134 days to reach our home from the time it was mailed!  Better late than never, though, and we were very excited to receive it.

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