Friday, December 2, 2011

We got some more

We've kind of slowed down a little with our Postcrossing ventures, mainly because the costs of international stamps were adding up.  The more postcards you send with Postcrossing, the more you receive.  Since we weren't sending many, we weren't receiving many either.  I finally had the chance to send out several more recently, and we have received four more in return.

As you might guess, this first postcard came to us from Vienna, Austria.  The sender, Lena, didn't write much on the back, but the card is still a very welcome addition to our collection.

This postcard came to us from Angelina in Amsterdam.  She reports that the houses and buildings you see in the picture were built next to canals.  Many were built in the 1600s and later renovated.  She also included some great stamps on the back, including one of the queen, Beatrix, when she got married.

This card came to us from Swantje in Germany.  There are some great images on the front of the card, each labeled.  I wish that the picture had shown up much clearer so that you could see it better.

This last postcard came to us from Pauline in the United Kingdom.  She shared a little about her hometown, not far from the town of Bedford (which is pictured on the postcard).  Again, I wish that the postcard had shown up clearer so that you could enjoy all the images on the card.

While we've slowed down some on our Postcrossing journey, we are still enjoying the cards we send and receive.

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