Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts
Post contributed by Leonard Phelps
This past Christmas, our family got a lot of expensive gifts. My husband and I decided to get a new flat screen television for ourselves instead of buying each other gifts. My parents got us a wii, which I was really excited about. My sister got us a blue ray player because our DVD player recently stopped working. My husband’s parents got us a portable DVD player for our car. My husband’s brother got him a kindle. I guess you could say that this was the Christmas for technology. When my husband and I were talking about all of the gifts we got, we decided that we needed to get a security system for our home because we own so many valuable things. We threw away many of the boxes that our gifts came in, and if any robbers were paying attention to our trash, they would definitely figure out what kind of stuff we have in our house. We decided to look at several Ohio home security systems and finally figured out which one would fit our needs. Hopefully we will not have to worry about losing any of our new gifts.

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