Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Private Selection?

When you hear the words "Private Selection", most people don't automatically think of grocery shopping.  To me, it sounds like something along the lines of "Jewelry from the private selection of..." or some other fine items beside jewelry.  Perhaps that inference to fine items is what Kroger had in mind when naming their higher quality store brand items.

The Private Selection items at Kroger can be compared to the more fine items that come to mind when you hear the name.  After all, Private Selection is the name given to their more gourmet items.

Recently, Bzzagent gave my family the chance to sample some of the Private Selection frozen food items - appetizers, pizzas, and desserts. Appetizers, such as their miniature quiche cups, are made from quality ingredients.  They taste great and are easy to go straight from the freezer to the oven, which makes them an excellent choice to have on-hand for snacks, last minute potlucks, or even unexpected guests.  The pizzas are also made from high quality ingredients, and they come in a number of options to please all pizza lovers.  Their desserts are another great option!  You can choose dessert cups, which can be easy to pull out one at a time and heat up when you have a sweet tooth yet are still good enough to pull out and serve to guests.  Options like miniature eclairs are great for setting out snack trays or serving larger groups, as well.

We've also tried some of the other Private Selection items - frozen Angus burgers (great for popping on the grill), deli meat, and deli cheeses.  Even without the help of Bzzagent to encourage us to try the frozen items, we've become Private Selection lovers!

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