Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This Crazy Georgia Weather

A year ago, we awoke to the news that school was canceled thanks to the snow that had fallen and ice on the roads.  Who could've imagined then that the snow and ice would actually cancel an entire week of school?  Things like that never happen here in Georgia.  When we have snow, we're usually lucky to have it last through the day, maybe even a second day on a rare occasion.  In an area that doesn't see a lot of snow, it doesn't take much to shut everything down.  And that is exactly what happened.  Many stores were closed because roads were closed.  It was next to impossible for many people to get out of their neighborhoods.  Our driveway goes downhill from the road, and Georgia Boy couldn't even make it out of the driveway in his truck (with the bed loaded down for extra weight to help travel on the ice) to get to work one of the days.

We had a great time with it, though.  The kids enjoyed riding on a sled provided by our neighbors.  We attempted a snowman, but it wasn't easy with as much ice was in our yard.  Little Man was less than impressed by the second day, opting to stay in more often while Angel Baby and Monster Man played outside.  We got some great pictures, though.

Here it is, a year later, and we're seeing weather that is quite different from what we experienced then.  Today, the temps reached the mid-60s.  While the sky is gray, filled with clouds that threaten to pour rain on us at any moment, but the chances of snow are non-existent any time in the very near future.

It hardly seems like winter today, and I'm looking forward to the day when we do wake up to snow.  I would really love a taste of true winter right now!

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