Monday, February 20, 2012


Thanks for the post from Kirk Wood
As a Doctorate student, I spend a very large percentage of my time doing research for my dissertation. A lot of my research is done in the library, obviously, but there are times that I just need to get out of there. If you spend too many hours there, the walls will start to close in on you. My favorite place to sit is actually on the quad right outside the library. There are usually people milling around that provide for a good mental break—either to talk to or just to observe. Obviously being outside poses a few problems, such as how to connect to the internet, so at the suggestion of my friend I looked in to 4g internet Queens Village. I discovered that I could actually have internet access that I took wherever I went! I can go to the park, or to the quad, or to a coffee shop that doesn’t offer free wireless (what is wrong with those people?!) and do all the work I want, without having to sit in the stuffy library for hours on end. It’s done a lot to preserve my sanity, that’s for sure.

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