Monday, February 20, 2012

What a busy month this has been!

I didn't realize that this month would get as busy as it has, slipping away from me with little time to actually stop and relax.  I feel like (and I've actually been told by family and friends) I am always on the go.  Our weekends have been so busy - Little Man's birthday party, Gwinnett Gladiators games, church events (we had a great time at the Valentine's banquet!), preparing for Kidsignments, visiting friends.... So much to pack into just two days each week!  Add to that my hectic weekdays - getting kids to school, running errands, bowling league, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, keeping up with the house.  Church every Sunday (this month, I'm teaching Sunday school to the middle school students AND both Georgia Boy and I have been teaching children's church on Sunday mornings) and every Wednesday night (I haven't been teaching this month, but I do teach the younger kids this week).

We've had both Little Man's and Georgia Boy's birthdays this month, along with Valentine's Day, and Angel Baby's birthday is less than two weeks away.  Little Man had a birthday party on Superbowl Sunday (oh, and did I mention we had a Superbowl party to attend this month, as well).  We went to see the Gwinnett Gladiators play the Kalamazoo Wings to celebrate Georgia Boy's birthday.  Now it's time to figure out what to do for Angel Baby's birthday.  We're trying to make it extra special since she is turning 13.

Since this month has been so crazy and I haven't had time to do extra posts through the month, here are a few photos from our busy February.  Enjoy!

Little Man and Georgia Boy watching TV together

Little Man opening birthday presents

Monster Man and his best friend

Little Man with one of his friends

Angel Baby and me at the hockey game

Close to the action at the hockey game

Monster Man getting his teeth cleaned under the bright lights

Looking through Hidden Pictures puzzles at church

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