Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Better Pictures of Bubbles

Here are a couple of better pictures of Angel Baby's new friend, Bubbles.  He seems to be very mild-mannered, and he didn't even mind me sticking the camera in the cage to get these pictures.  I'm still hoping to get a picture of him facing forward, but I think he's turning away in hopes that he can protect himself by turning his back to us.  He is getting more comfortable in his new home, though, and he started getting very talkative around 2:30 this afternoon, chirping away to the radio and to his reflection in his mirror.

Sammy still isn't convinced that there should be a bird in HIS house, but he's starting to accept our new family member.  His ears perk up and he kind of jumps every time he hears Bubbles tweet.  It's so funny!

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