Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our night in urgent care with our pirate child

At 2:00 Wednesday afternoon, just 20 minutes before Little Man was scheduled to get off the school bus, I received a phone call from his school nurse.  She told me that he'd gone to the clinic because his eye was irritated.  She said it was red, but she figured that it was just allergies.  She'd rinsed his eye and then sent him back to class since school was about to dismiss, but she thought I might want to check it when he got home just in case.

He got off the bus and came into the house on schedule, and I immediately took a look at his eye.  It wasn't looking very pink at all, so I agreed that it must've been allergies.  He has a lot of problems with allergies making his eyes really red, and he'd been coughing earlier in the morning, so I didn't think too much about it.  He sat around for a few minutes before deciding he wanted to go to his friend's house to play.  He ended up coming home earlier than he needed to be, though.  He told me that his eye was hurting really bad and he asked me to put his eye drops in his eyes - something I hadn't done when he first came home since he wasn't complaining and his eye wasn't very red at all.

As soon as I put the drops in his eye, he started screaming.  That was when he finally told me that he'd actually been poked in the eye accidentally while playing with friends at recess.  He'd told his teacher, and she'd sent him to the nurse.  He said that he had told the nurse, but I think the fact that he is so soft-spoken combined with the number of kids who were probably in the clinic at the time (it seems like there are at least 2 to 3 kids in the clinic every time I've been up to the school during the day) caused her to not be able to understand that he'd been poked in the eye, which is why she assumed it was his usual allergies.

Within about two minutes after putting the drops in his eyes, he'd become extremely light-sensitive.  That was about as long as it took for me to get a good enough look at his eye to determine he had a scratch on his eye. It ran from about mid-pupil down to the bottom of his iris, so it was actually fairly large.  As soon as Georgia Boy got home from work, about thirty minutes after I discovered the cut, he and I took Little Man to the urgent care center to have his eye checked.  My mother-in-law was wonderful enough to come and stay with Angel Baby and Monster Man, making sure they ate dinner, straightened up, and got to bed on time.

We spent nearly three hours at the urgent care center. It was much more packed than I'd ever seen it before.  When Little Man finally got back to the room, the doctor put drops in his eye that caused the whites of his eye and the scratch to appear neon green when a black light was shined on his eye.  The poor boy now has to have ointment put on his eye three times a day until the tube of ointment is gone, and he has to wear a patch on his eye from the time he gets up until he goes to bed each day until the eye heals enough that he can handle the light better.

We've been having a little fun with Little Man and his patch, telling him that he is now our pirate child.  He'd recently told me that he wanted a parrot, but parrots only like pirates.  I told him that he needs to ask his daddy for a parrot now.

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  1. Poor little guy!! I like the pirate reference. you need to be sure to make a pirate page for his scrapbook. And maybe at least you could find a parrot picture to cut out or a pirate stuffed animal for him!! :)