Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trying Something New

Thanks to Bzzagent, our dog Sammy was recently given the opportunity to try something new.  Bzzagent sent us a free 3lb bag of Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free dog food.  It arrived shortly before Sammy's dinner time, and decided to give it a try right away.  As I opened the box, and then the resealable bag (why haven't other dog food companies caught on to the idea of a resealable dog food bag?!  Our 17lb bags we usually buy always end up with at least a little spilled on the floor between feedings from it getting bumped into.), Sammy started jumping around in curiosity.  What was I getting out?  And why was I telling him that it was for him?

I poured the food into the bowl, giving him the same amount he always gets of his usual dog food.  He was so excited over it being something new that he dug right in and seemed to swallow it in just a few bites.  It was gone in no time.  It didn't irritate his stomach, either, which is a problem we sometimes have when trying new foods.

By the time his breakfast time came around the next morning, Sammy was once again eager to eat.  He acted like he was starving!  Again, he dug into the food with excitement and gobbled it up almost instantly.  We saw the same reaction at the next two feedings, as well, with the bag being emptied on the fourth feeding because he was acting so hungry.  It only took 2 days for him to go through the entire 3lb bag!

All in all, the product was great.  No stomach upset, obviously a great flavor for him, and made with quality ingredients.  However, he did still end up needing more of his regular dog food after he finished off the bag on his fourth feeding, so the food wasn't filling him up as much as his other food does.  I was more than a little disappointed that the food wasn't filling him up, especially since Science Diet is already more expensive than his usual food, and we'd go through it faster.  The cost difference would really add up, so I don't think we'll continue to use it unless I have coupons and find it on sale, but it was still a great dog food choice.

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