Thursday, April 19, 2012

A few new finds

We have had a few more postcards arrive over the past week from other Postcrossing members around the world.  We always enjoy finding new postcards in our mailbox, especially when we're lucky enough to get fun mail and no bills!

This first postcard came to us from a sender in Ukraine.  The sender noticed that I mentioned that I love Christmas cards, so she sent this beautiful picture of the Nativity.  What a pretty picture!

This pretty picture postcard comes to us from a Postcrossing member in China.  The work of art is titled "Sentimental Rememberances of the Lute".  I love it!

This postcard came to us from a sender in Switzerland, who states that the Abbey of St. Gallen (pictured on the card) "Reminds me of Harry Potter.  I can see them playing quidditch in that yard."  My kids especially loved the Harry Potter comparison.

This last postcard came to us from Claudia in Germany, who shared that she lives in a little town in north Germany that is near both the Northern Sea and the Baltic Sea.  Such pretty pictures (though I will say that the two ladies on the beach in the top right corner are surprisingly naked!).

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