Monday, April 9, 2012

I know it's been some time

I know it's been some time since I have shared any postcards from our Postcrossing ventures.  Honestly, we'd taken a break for a while because it can get rather expensive, especially with rising stamp prices.  We'd missed receiving the cards, though, so I recently started back up.  I hope you will enjoy our most recent cards.

This first postcard came to us from Michelle in Idaho.  She stated that Lewis and Clark (shown on the card) camped in her hometown of Lewiston, Idaho during the expedition from coast to coast.  It was in their town that Lewis and Clark met the Nez Perce indians.  A neat postcard with a great piece of American history.

This next postcard came to us from a Postcrossing member in Poland.  She shares that this is a statue of the great Polish composer Fryderyk Chopin.  I remember coming quite acquainted with Chopin's work during a recent music class I took.

This postcard came to us from Kristina, who moved to Ireland from Germany, but picked this postcard up in Bangkok.  The church painting on the from was done by a Thai artist, and is titled "Rainyday in Bracchano".  Kristina shared about her interest in sports, and how the sports differ even between Germany and Ireland.

This last postcard came to us from a Postcrossing member in Finland.  The image in the front of the card is a basket of fresh-picked cranberries (I love cranberries!), and the card shares that cranberries can be used to feed the deer and reindeer.  This card came in an envelope, which had a collection of 10 different stamps (see below) inside, since I'd mentioned that I collect stamps in my profile.

An extra stamp (different from those in the picture above) was included on the envelope when the card was sent.  Since I love hockey, this one was especially exciting.  The sender reports that the stamp was for the 2011 World Champions.

We are very excited to be taking part in Postcrossing once more!

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