Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break

The kids are on spring break this week, and it has ended up being a very busy week for us.

I had my second softball game of the season on Saturday afternoon.  I am really enjoying being back on the fields this season, and I love my team.  We all get along really well, which makes it that much more fun.  After the game, players from all three of our church's teams met for dinner, giving us all a chance to fellowship well into the evening.

After church on Sunday, I got to spend time with my sister, her husband, and their youngest daughter.  They were in town for spring break, moving their oldest daughter back down to Georgia, and it was great to get to spend some much-needed time with them at lunch.  I am hoping to talk Georgia Boy into driving up to see them at some point this summer.

When we got home Sunday evening, Georgia Boy and I decided to get to work prepping the garden so that I could get it started.  The soil we had filled the raised bed with last year had decomposed quite a bit, so we filled the bed with several more bags and got the bed evened out and tilled.  I woke up Monday morning eager to get a start on it, so I ran to Lowes to buy a few plants and some tomato cages.  When I got home, I immediately set to work.  I use seeds for most of my planting (I'm getting the actual seeds this weekend from the Easter Bunny), but I prefer to start my peppers, tomatoes, and squash from seedlings.  I also got a few strawberry plants to try in baskets again this year.  In hopes of keeping the squirrels out of the garden this year, I listened to the advice of a couple of friends who suggested planting some marigolds around the garden.  I was so excited to come home and play in the dirt, and I think the garden is already off to a great start.

Monday evening, Angel Baby and Monster Man had movie night at church with the youth.  Normally, I stay to help with the youth with things like that, which means Little Man also gets to stay and enjoy the movie.  I'd been invited to a Tupperware party near the church, though, so Little Man came with me so he could play with the host's son.

I got a few errands done in the day yesterday before we headed to the ball fields for the kids' practices.  Little Man is still playing on division 1, this is Monster Man's last season on division 3 before moving up, and Angel Baby is on division 4.  I took the season off from coaching so that I could enjoy watching the kids play, but I'm looking forward to coaching division 4 in the fall, when Angel Baby and Monster Man will be on the same team.

Angel Baby spent the night with a friend last night, and we'll pick her up at church this evening.  Little Man has had the neighbor kids here to play since about 10:00, so the house is louder than usual despite not having Angel Baby home.  I've worked a little in the garden today, weeding and watering.  I got a little housework done, too, but I'm trying to take it easy since the past few days have been so hectic.

There is no softball this weekend, since Easter is Sunday, but next weekend we'll actually have all the kids' games starting up and I have a double-header.  I can't wait!

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