Monday, May 7, 2012

Catching Up

It's time to once again catch up on postcards that we've received from our adventures with Postcrossing.  We've received three more postcards in recent days, and I realized that I had failed to update them when they arrived.

This first postcard arrived over the weekend.  It came to us from a teacher in Germany.  She shares that she teaches German literature and language to adults that are trying to finish school.  The statue in the middle of the courtyard is of Ludwig Van Beethoven.

This next postcard is a scene from Lein Street in Belarus.  It was sent to us from a psychologist living in the Province of Brest.  Another great postcard!

This last postcard came to us from a Postcrossing member living in St. Petersberg, Russia.  She decided against sending a scenic postcard, like most postcrossing members do, and instead sent this cute card showing bees and flowers.  What a great card to go with the beautiful spring weather we've been having!

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