Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Day of School

I am heading out in a few minutes, setting my course for Little Man's school.  Today is the last day of his kindergarten year, and he's requested that I pick him up from school rather than having him ride the bus home.  This is something I have done almost every school year since Angel Baby started pre-k.

It's hard to believe that my babies are growing up as fast as they are.  This afternoon, Angel Baby will be done with seventh grade and Monster Man will be finished with sixth grade.  Next school year marks our last school year before we add high school to our lives.

It seems like just yesterday, Monster Man and I walked Angel Baby to her first day, then walked away with tears in my eyes while she screamed for me to come back to get her.  This surprised me so greatly, as she had always been my social child, and she'd never been afraid to be away from me in the past.  She was the only one of my three kids that I expected to start school without a single tear, and she ended up being the only one to actually cry (and, as I said, she ended up screaming rather than just crying!).  Monster Man and Little Man were both a little more on the shy side, and they were both more attached to me.  Monster Man, in fact, rarely even talked to his dad because he was shy around everyone except for me.  How strange it was to drop my boys off for their first days of school and see a different side of them. Monster Man simply walked into his classroom, saying "Bye, Mommy" as he entered through the door.  Little Man immediately ran to the carpet where his classmates were seated, never even taking the time to tell me goodbye until I walked to him and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

I remember those first days of school so clearly, like they just happened.  Yet I'm now coming to realize that, in just a matter of hours, I will have an eighth grader, a seventh grader, and a first grader in my home.

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