Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I don't usually go into a full spring cleaning mode.  I try to keep up with everything year round so that there is no real need to do a spring cleaning, but this year is a little different.  We've been busy at work, making the house look even better than it did when we first moved into it.

The yard is looking beautiful!  We've planted flowers in the beds around the mailbox and the bird bath, and even in a flower bed  in the back yard that has not had anything grow in it since before we bought the house.  The front of the house wash pressure washed this morning.  I have stripped the tint off the glass door and repainted the front door, and Georgia Boy has replaced a light fixture by the front porch.  The grass has been cut, ivy has been weeded down some, the azaleas have been trimmed.  I've even scrubbed the porch railing on the shed and the doors of the garage!  The front porch will be painted later this week.

The inside of the house has also been getting a bit of a makeover.  The ceiling fan in Angel Baby's room was on its last leg (the motor was grinding), so Georgia Boy replaced the ceiling fan last night.  We have a new light fixture going up in the laundry room soon, too.  The walls are getting touched up, the carpets are getting cleaned.  Our closet recently had a very thorough cleaning, and we're going through each room making sure that the rooms and closets all get cleaned better than they've been in a very, very long time.  Even the garage has had a thorough cleaning.

We're packing up some boxes as we're cleaning, separating items for a yard sale we plan to have later this month.  I'm amazed with how much we're finding that we can part with!  We're even planning to get rid of some of our furniture, in hopes of getting some better furniture in the very near future.

We're hoping to get all of the housework done by the end of this coming weekend.  I hope we're able to get it all done as quickly as we're planning.

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  1. The best thing about doing all that work is standing back and appreciating the end result. ;)