Friday, July 20, 2012

The Busy Summer That Got Away - Part 1

I just realized that I haven't managed to write a single post all summer.  It seems like this summer has gotten away from us, slipping by so fast with all that we've managed to pack into it.  Be prepared for a picture overload to make up for it!

We started off our summer with softball tournaments, ending the spring season of softball for all of our teams.

The kids got to finish playing out the season, but I was down for the last few games thanks to an old ankle injury flaring up.  At one point, it was looking very possible that surgery was in the near future, but the doctor now thinks it won't have to be an option unless it continues to worsen.  Due to previous ankle injuries, I've been left with arthritis in my ankle and foot.  I was told that the best thing to do for it right now is to limit how much I use it and keep it propped up as much as possible.  That's not easy for someone who doesn't like to sit down!

We took the kids to the Georgia Renaissance Festival once tournaments were over.  It was a lot of walking, but we had a blast!  Monster Man was even proposed to by a noble.  Angel Baby and Little Man got to dance around the maypole.  All three kids got to ride a man-powered ride at the festival.  Georgia Boy tried (unsuccessfully) to climb Jacob's Ladder.

I've been playing with my new camera, getting some practice and using my family as guinea pigs.  This has meant we've had trips to a couple of different parks for some photo shooting fun.

Our family welcomed another new pet into our home this summer.  Angel Baby had recently purchased Bubbles (her blue parakeet) with her birthday money.  We decided Bubbles needed a friend, so we purchased his friend, Blossom (our green parakeet).  For those that are wondering, we're hoping they will have parakeet babies (Bubbles is a boy and Blossom is a girl) and then we'll get to add Buttercup.  When I was growing up, I had parakeets named Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, so it only seems fitting to use another cartoon (Powerpuff Girls) for names this time around.

My mom came for a visit early this summer, which was really nice.  She and I took the kids bowling and to Chuck E Cheese, and we had a lot of time to visit as we ran around doing errands and having fun with the kids.  I wish I'd gotten pictures while she was here!

While Angel Baby was in Panama City on a youth retreat with our church, Georgia Boy and I took Monster Man and Little Man to a Gwinnett Braves game.  Too bad it got rained out in the second inning because we had really great seats. Thankfully, we get to go to another game and use our previous tickets, so we're looking forward to going again soon.

I got to take pictures at a softball tournament event held for a sweet little girl with cancer.  It was an all-day event, and the turn-out was amazing.

To be continued (as I can't get more pictures to load on this post!)...

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