Monday, September 24, 2012

A Trip to England

Georgia Boy just returned from a two week business trip to England.  With his line of work, he's never had to travel for business before.  His trip ended up being a very eye-opening experience for us both.  He realized, thanks to the extensive time away from our family, how much our family really means to him (he's always known we meant a lot, but he felt it even more so during our time apart).   While I've always had respect for single moms, that respect grew ten-fold while I played the role for the two weeks that he was gone.

Being a single mom for the week meant not only that I was in charge of the usual cooking, cleaning, and childcare, but that I was also the only one running the kids to softball practice and games, taking the kids to family camp at Camp Twitch and Shout, and completing all the chores that both parents usually chip in on doing.  I put one load of laundry into the wash while I went out to mow the lawn, then came back in to start another load before taking the trash out and down to the road, all before getting cleaned up in time to start dinner.  Oh, and I was trying to homeschool Monster Man while making sure everything else was completed.

It was during Georgia Boy's trip to England that Monster Man and I finally made the decision that it was time for Monster Man to return to public school.  He was missing his friends, missing the after school activities, and missing the classroom setting.  He was also developing an unhealthy level of separation anxiety that I had to put a stop to before it increased even more.  I couldn't even go to the bathroom without him standing outside the bathroom door asking where I was, what I was doing, how long I was going to be, was I almost finished, etc.  He was, it seemed, very concerned that I'd step into the bathroom and never walk out.  His biggest reason for wanting to stay home when we first talked about him returning to school wasn't that he preferred to homeschool but that he, in fact, was concerned about leaving me alone all day while he was in school.  While I appreciated the concern, I also knew that it was in his best interest to make sure that he returned to the classroom before the separation anxiety grew even worse.

Thankfully, Georgia Boy made it home safely.  He missed our 14th anniversary while he was gone, but he and I plan to make up for it next year.  We plan to spend our 15th anniversary in England together, giving him a chance to show me everything he got to see and do while he was there on his business trip while also giving us a chance to explore some new territory together.  For now, we're starting our new savings plan to save up for the big trip.

I am looking forward to taking this trip with him next year!

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