Friday, September 28, 2012

Photography Made Fun

I have recently discovered a great site for sharing some of my photography.  The site, 500px, is so much fun!  Users post their photos (10 per week for free, or they can pay for a membership that allows for more.  During your initial trial upon signing up, you get unlimited uploads.) to the site, tagging them and choosing a category for them to be displayed under.  The photos can be titled, a description can be given (or a personal story about each photo), and you can even share information about the camera and settings used, as well as the location where the photo was taken.  Once your photos are uploaded, they are placed in a stream of photos for users to view.

That's not all, though!  When your photo is viewed, members can vote for the photos they like (increasing their rating), mark as favorites (if desired), subscribe to your photos (again this is if desired), and leave comments.  There is also the possibility of viewers choosing to purchase a copy of your photo, and you get to reap the rewards (cash!).  It makes sharing photos a little more interesting and a lot more fun.

I have created my own 500px profile using photos taken mainly by me, but also a few photos taken by Georgia Boy.  If you're interested in finding out more about the site, please feel free to check out my profile and pictures.  And please also feel free to vote on some while you're visiting!

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