Sunday, October 7, 2012

Haven't Shared In A While

I haven't shared any postcards in a while.  This is partly because we haven't received a lot (we'd slowed down on sending for a while, which in turn meant less being sent to us).  The few that we have received came at times when we were in a bit of a rush and I didn't get to scan them to add them here. I am that I can still pull them out and remember which ones need to be added to my blog to share with you all.

This week, thanks to my decision to send several out not too long ago, we received three new postcards.

While this first postcard says that it is from Korea, it actually came from a Postcrossing member in the United States.  The sender stated that she used to live in South Korea, where her family taught English.  She said that in Korea, they like to eat ice cream with beans, which are reddish in color and sweetened with sugar, on it in the same way that we would eat chocolate on top of ours, since the Koreans don't like too much sweet stuff.  I think I'll keep eating mine with chocolate on top!

This precious polar bear postcard came to us from a Postcrossing member in Canada.  She said that at certain times of the year, there are many polar bears in the northern part of her province, and that they congregate in a town called Churchill, where you can take tours to see them.  I'd love to be able to see one in its natural habitat someday!

This last postcard, featuring a sweet looking ape on the front, came to us from a Postcrossing member in Holland.  The member, like me, is a mother of three.  She let her 12-year-old daughter choose which card to send, and she chose this ape (which happens to be the sender's favorite animal).  I think this ape is adorable!

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