Monday, October 1, 2012

How Gossip Can Hurt

It came to my family's attention yesterday that people have been spreading rumors about us, rumors that have the potential to tear a family apart if those of us in the family didn't know the truth.  If it wasn't for the fact that our family is very close, and that Georgia Boy and I have such a strong relationship, it could be very damaging for all of us, especially given the emotional issues that I've had to overcome over the years.  That someone could be so vicious, saying horrible things and not taking into account the effects that their words and actions can have on so many people (especially my children)... it's so hurtful, so malicious, and so extremely un-Christlike!

I've been struggling very hard with this ever since I heard about it yesterday afternoon.  The people that are spreading these rumors are people that we should be able to trust - people within our church that we've considered family for the past few years.  I wish that I knew exactly who was spreading this gossip so that I could call them all out on it, pointing out the error of their ways so that we can remind them of how they are really supposed to be living their lives as Christians.  Gossiping in such ways, spreading such horrible lies, is not how we're supposed to be living our lives.  Remember the saying "What would Jesus do?"  I can guarantee that He wouldn't be making up lies, turning things around from what they actually are just to have something 'exciting' to tell those around Him.

Our family has been very involved not only in the church, but also in the softball program that is connected to the church.  Georgia Boy and I have worked our tails off volunteering in different programs, helping out whenever and wherever we can.  To take a family that is so dedicated to helping out - to playing an active role not only in going to church but in teaching Sunday school, children's church, and Wednesday night classes, as well as in chaperoning so many youth activities and outings - and say such hurtful things about them only succeeds in pushing them away.  We thought our church was wanting to grow, and we've been working toward helping it grow, but instead we've seen so many families like our own be pushed away.  Some have completely left the church because of it, and many more (like our family) are considering finding new church homes.

Thankfully, my family knows the truth.  We know the entire situation.  We've been present throughout the entire thing.  And there are many other members within our church that also know the truth, that have played a role in this situation.  We are so thankful to those that know the truth and are able to help combat those rumors should they be spread further.  It is those that know the truth that are currently keeping us in the church, giving us hope that things will turn around for the better soon.  We give thanks to God for the many people that have taken the time to know the true us and that know without a doubt that these vicious rumors are lies.

To those that are spreading the rumors, next time you want to talk about something, make sure you have your facts straight.  Please know that we forgive you and we are praying for you to see the errors of your ways.

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