Monday, October 29, 2012

Potted Herbs

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I have always enjoyed cooking!  I really enjoy playing around with new flavors, experimenting with different ingredients to create new recipes that my whole family can enjoy.  One of the ways that I enhance the taste of my recipes is through the use of herbs and spices.  In the past, this has always meant using dried herbs that I've purchased in jars or bottles from the grocery store.  When I started making my own salsa and the recipe called for fresh cilantro, I discovered that fresh herbs really do make a huge difference!
Since I've grown to enjoy fresh herbs so much, I decided that it would nice to be able to grow fresh herbs in pots right in my kitchen windowsill.  It would be so nice to be able to have the herbs easily accessible, where I can cut some whenever I need it.  Thanks to the Gardenieres website from Home Depot and Scott's Miracle-Gro, I have found helpful tips to make this project even easier.
I'm hoping to get to work this evening, after I have a chance to go to Home Depot to purchase some Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Soil, a few pots, the seeds I need, and some Liquafeed plant food for once my seeds start growing.  The Moisture Control soil absorbs in excess water and holds it to help control the amount of water in the soil, making sure the proper amount of water is maintained, even when the plants aren't watered as often (for example, while we're on vacation), and the Miracle-Gro feeds the plants for up to 6 months with plant food perfect for potted plants.  The Liquafeed feeds plants through their roots and leaves at the same time that I am watering my plants.  With winter coming soon, I'm going to need to get a grow lamp, too, to help keep my pots warm with plenty of light to help my herbs grow.
Thanks to the Gardenieres site, as well as the Miracle-Gro Facebook page (please 'like' the page to stay up-to-date on project ideas, discussions, and more), I know I can look forward to many more great project ideas for my lawn and my garden.  I cant wait to give more of these ideas a try!
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