Thursday, January 24, 2013

What an Incredible Waiter!

I know it has been a while since I've posted, and I actually have intended to post a few things in recent weeks.  I've been so busy that my intentions have flown out the window whenever I've actually had a chance to sit down and write.  I've had too many other things on my mind to remember to write once I've sat down to do so!  This story I read online, however, was one that I knew I had to share with you all!

The Today Show reported this morning about a wonderful waiter in Texas that did something extemely incredible that could've cost him his job.  As the article and news story reports, Michael Garcia didn't think twice about refusing to serve a customer that had made a negative remark about a young boy with Down Syndrome. While the staff talked to the little boy, a regular customer at the restaurant, a man at a neighboring table stated that "Special needs children need to be special someplace else." The waiter, upon hearing the comment, informed the man that he didn't think he could serve him.

It is sad to realize that people continue to discriminate against those with special needs, especially despite repeated attempts to spread awareness. They may have special needs, but aren't all of God's children special? Just because they were given differences doesn't mean that they should be treated any differently. Children and adults alike should be treated with the same respect and compassion, whether they are special needs or 'normal' (What's the fun in being normal anyway? And while we're at it, who defines normal? Is there even really such a thing?).

I give a major virtual high five to this waiter, who was willing to put his job on the line to do what was right. He spoke up to help a child who was too young to help himself. And I give another high five to the restaurant for standing behind Mr. Garcia, rather than firing him as they could've done when he refused to serve a customer. As the outpouring of support has already shown, there are so many people that thank them for taking a stand and supporting this sweet angel of a boy!

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