Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sammy loves Pedigree Stackerz!

We have recently been given the opportunity, thanks to Influenster, to give the new Pedigree Stackerz dog treats a try.  Anyone who has spent time with boxers knows what 'the boxer bounce' is.  It's the way boxers jump up and down in excitement, leaping higher and higher with each bounce.  It's like the bounce in the video below, minus the trampoline. This bounce was Sammy's reaction just from seeing the package in my hands.

Opening the package was even better!  I was excited to find that the sticks each break into three pieces, meaning we don't have to go through so many so fast.  They smell really good, too.  Good enough, in fact, that Georgia Boy stated they almost smell good enough for him to try himself.  (Thankfully he hasn't tried them!)

Sammy really does love the taste of them, and he actually even acts more excited when he sees them now than he did when I first got them in the mail.  He loves the taste, and I love that they don't leave a nasty smell on her breath that other cheaper treats tend to leave behind.  It's a win-win for us all!

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