Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Change of Pace

Sometimes in life, we have to make changes.  Sometimes, those changes are more extreme than others.  Recently, Georgia Boy, Angel Baby, Monster Man, Little Man, and I had to make one of those extreme changes.  This was not a change that was made unwisely.  Instead, it is one that took several years of prayer and of knowing when God's timing was right.

A couple of months ago, we put our house in Georgia on the market.  In about a month's time, we got a full price offer, and things moved very quickly from there.  Earlier this month, we closed on our house, loaded up everything we own, and moved our family to Indiana.  This has been a huge change for us. We're not only dealing with a change in weather, but we've also gone from living just outside of the metro Atlanta area, where the kids were in a large school and where stores were more convenient, to living in a highly Amish-populated town where the entire high school has less students than the freshman class had at their old high school.  There is a lot less traffic, a lot more open land, and a lot less stress all-around.

There is something so peaceful about hearing the hooves of horses clomping down the street by our home.  It's a sound we've grown accustomed to hearing over the past couple of weeks.  Sammy, our sweet boxer baby, has grown used to the sound but still stops to watch all the horses that pass by whenever we are outside walking him.  I guess the changes are impacting all of us in our home, no matter how many legs we walk on.

We are looking forward to sharing our experiences in our new life with you all.

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