Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Snowy Village

As I look outside at the snow coming down, landing on the weeks' old snow that had just about melted away, it isn't too hard for me to picture the village that is on the front of the postcard we received today from Henna, a Postcrossing member who lives in Finland.

The front of this postcard is a painting that looks like the marketplace in Oulu, Finland, according to the sender.  She said that they don't wear the national costumes where she lives, as they do not live as far up north.  Knowing that our family loves hockey (we mentioned it on our user profile), Henna shares that her town's hockey team was, at the time the card was sent (January 10), the current Finnish champions.

I'm sure that the kids will not only appreciate this postcard when they get home, but that they will also appreciate the Angry Birds stamp that it was mailed with.

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