Saturday, January 24, 2015

Three from Germany

What are the chances that all three postcards we received today would come from the same country?  I guess the chances are pretty good since we received 3 postcards from Germany today.  Interestingly, their ID numbers are all within a few numbers of each other, too, which would suggest that our account was assigned to all three within just a few minutes of each other.  I've seen how fast numbers can go up, and they really even could've been sent all within the same single minute.

This first postcard is from Pia.  (It scanned thinner than it should've, so part of the side is cut off in the picture.)  The picture on the front is of Countess Cosela, who was a mistress of King August of Poland/Elector of Saxony, and who had 3 children with him.  Rather than marrying her, he had her incarcerated at the Fortress Stolpen in 1715, where she remained until her death in 1765.

The second postcard is from Wilhelm, who reports that he tests VW Passats at the factory in Emden.  Georgia Boy found that interesting, and said that it would be an awesome profession to have. Wilhelm reports that 9000 workers made 1150 cars in one day.

The last postcard is from Theda, who put an X on the town where she lives on the map.  Monster Man and I had a fun time searching for the X.  The only clue we really had about its location was that it was near the coast, as Theda reported that living near the coast means that it is usually very windy there.

These are all great postcards, and they are fun additions to our Postcrossing collection.

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