Friday, January 16, 2015

Three Postcards In One Day

After not getting any postcards through our Postcrossing adventures in several months, it is so exciting to go to the mailbox and find these little surprises in there again.  Earlier in the week, we received one postcard thanks to a direct swap.  Today, I found three postcards in the mail that were sent through the site, the result of making our account active once more.

This first postcard came to us from Martha in Illinois.  The postcard features Snake Alley, a road in Burlington, Iowa that Martha shares is old and paved with bricks.  She said she couldn't imagine going down it in a horse-drawn wagon. I know exactly what she is thinking!  We have some brick roads near here that the Amish ride their buggies on.  I've wondered before how they don't get motion sickness between the rocking of their buggies and the bumps on the brick road.  Just imagine going down a winding hill with the same swaying and bumping.  Martha shares that she lives in Monmouth, IL, birthplace of Wyatt Earp.

This next postcard came from Julia in Michigan.  The picture on the front of the postcard is a painting of The Anaconda Copper Company smelter stack in Montana.  According to the back of the postcard, it is one of the tallest free-standing brick structures in the world, and it was completed in 1919.

This last postcard is a painting by Alphonse Mucha, an artist that the sender, Bruno from Belgium, loves a lot.  Bruno reports that he loves to listen to a country radio station out of Nashville, which I assume he listens to via the internet.

These are all great postcards, and they will make excellent additions to our collection.  I cannot wait to see where our next postcards come from!

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