Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend cards

We received two new cards over the weekend, one that was sent through the Postcrossing system, the other through a direct swap through Postcrossing.

This first postcard came to us from Sina in Germany.  Sina lives close to the village of Celle, which has about 80,000 residents.  The frame houses in the large picture on the front of the card are part of what makes Celle famous.  It is also famous for the castle (lower right corner) and the hannoveraner horses (above the castle).  This card was made by Sina, who had her cards printed out.

The other card we received was through a direct swap with Lucia, a teacher staying in Cape Verde.  This island of Santo Antao ("Ponta do Sol") is a small fishing town that people from Europe like to visit, which has helped boost the economy of the island, especially for the locals, who allow tourists to sleep in their homes for reasonable prices.

We love both cards and are excited to find out what our next card(s) will be!

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