Thursday, February 12, 2015

What do these have in common?

We received two new postcards today - one from Florida and one from Portugal.  The cards look nothing like each other, but they have something in common more than just the date on which they arrived.  Both cards were sent by librarians that work in schools (one just says a school librarian while the other says she's a librarian at a college).

This first postcard came to us from Catia in Lisbon, Portugal.  Her card was very informative about the weather, the government, the lifestyles, and even the size (she says Portugal is the size of Indiana). She works as a school librarian and a teacher of Portuguese.

The other card we received today was from Jennifer in Orlando, Florida, who says she works as a librarian at a college.  She enjoys visiting both the Atlantic coast and Gulf coast beaches, as well as Disney and the theme parks.  She also enjoys kayaking and taking in Florida's natural beauty.

These are both great additions to our collection!

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