Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Catching Up!

The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy.  On top of all the work that I've had here at home, I've been to Illinois to fly out of Chicago (thank you to my sister for the ride to the airport!), flew into Atlanta (thank you to my best friend and her husband for the ride from the airport, etc), and then was picked up by my mom to spend most of a week in North Carolina, so we could pack her up and move her to Indiana, which meant driving back home.  Managed all that in less than a week!  (Georgia Boy survived the week alone with the kids.)  As a result, I wasn't home to receive and register the postcards that arrived last week, and I am just now getting the chance to share them with you.  Boy do I have some catching up to do!

This card arrived last week from Bruna, who is originally from Spain but now lives in Boston.  She reports that she was very excited when the New England Patriots won the Superbowl.

This card, from a Postcrossing member in China.  This is one of Angel Baby's favorite cards so far, and she loves cartoon characters like these.  Unfortunately the message on the back of the card had gotten wet at some point during it's travel, and most of the message had disappeared (our address and the card ID had been printed out and taped on, so it managed to not get ruined).  There are a couple of new stamps on the back that I haven't previously seen, too.

This card came to us from a Postcrossing member in Taiwan, who reports that the capital city (Taipei) was used for the filming of the movie "Lucy".  Another great card with a stamp on the back that I haven't previously seen.

This postcard came from Julie in New York, a Postcrossing member that sent the card through a direct swap.  She says it is currently cold, but a great place to visit.  Our family has driven through New York, but we have never been able to spend even a day there.  We're hoping to eventually visit.

This card is from Alena in Russia.  She says that St Petersburg is one of her favorite places in Russia, and that she loves to watch the ducks while she feeds them from the bridge.  Such a beautiful place to visit!

This postcard is also from Russia.  It came to us from a Postcrossing member named Aida.  Aida reports that she is creative and adventurous, and that she loves to travel.  She hopes to travel to every corner of the planet.

This is one of two postcards I received while I was gone from Marti, a postcrossing member here in Indiana that has sent me several cards over the past few weeks.  After mentioning on a previous card to her about Angel Baby's singing talent and love of music, Marti told me on this card that her husband is a musician, and that they love music.

This is our second card from Marti that arrived while I was gone.  She says she is ready for spring to arrive, and that they've had some pretty days recently.  Spring is starting to make an appearance!

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