Monday, August 10, 2015

A Growing Collection of Postcards!

I know it has been a while since I wrote anything, so instead of just sharing my cards individually (I've received a lot these past few months), I thought I would instead share just how big my collection has gotten.

When we first started our Postcrossing project, the intention was to put them all in large scrapbooks by country, which we soon found out was next to impossible!  The kids still did some research at first about the different locations they came from, but it didn't take long for them to decide that it was work and not as much fun.  That's when Postcrossing mainly became my project, though the kids still like to look at the postcards that come in and sometimes like to help pick out the postcards that we send.  Since it became mainly my project, I decided to put them in a box that we could display on our coffee table, where friends and family could look through them any time that they wanted.  They can be a great conversation piece, and it has even helped to encourage several people to send us new postcards while traveling.

I started with this box  I thought that the style was perfect, given its purpose.

 A couple of months ago, this box started overflowing, so I removed some of the cards and put them into a new box.  This is how full the box currently remains.

This is my new box, which I also thought was perfect for putting my postcards in, especially with the "Postcard From God" on the box.

I keep the two stacked together now, sitting in the living room to continue to share with those that come to visit us.

The new box is filling quickly!  Of course, some of those are the ones that I moved over from the previously overflowing box, but I have added close to 50 since starting the new box.

This morning, I decided that the best way to catch you up on our Postcrossing adventure was to show just how big our postcard collection has grown.  Our dining room table is 5'X8' in size.  I covered just about every inch of the table with postcards, and they were overlapping big time!  Some of the areas were as many as 5 postcards deep because I couldn't spread them all out enough.

After I took the picture and put them all nicely in the boxes to be put away, I realized I still had almost 10 more in my bedroom, as I had just sent postcards to Georgia Boy while I was out of town, and I'd had a few more that I hadn't had the chance to register that had also arrived while I was gone (in addition to a few from my postcard pen pal, Marti, that I met through Postcrossing).

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