Monday, August 10, 2015

Our Busy Summer!

Wow!  What a busy summer we have had this year!  Who knew that our first summer in our quiet little town here in Indiana would turn into a busy summer of traveling?

We took in a vintage baseball game, and I couldn't help but take the pictures in black and white.

Angel Baby and Monster Man have both joined their school's show choir.  Be prepared, because I am sure that I will be posting pictures in the coming months.  They had four different fundraisers that they participated in (who am I kidding?  We all helped with most of them).  The first was leading pony rides at Calf Days at Cook's Bison Ranch.

We didn't get pictures of porkburger sales on July 3 and 4, or of the car wash the following week. We saw fireworks displays in two different towns on different weekend.  While Georgia Boy took Angel Baby and Monster Man to the car wash, Little Man was my date to Chicago to pick my mom up from the airport.

Georgia Boy and I took the kids to Georgia to visit and to pick up the last of the things we'd left behind when we moved.  We decided to have a large potluck at a park to get to see as many of our family and friends that we could during our trip.  At final count, it was somewhere near 50 people that all took part.

So far, August has continued to be busy!  My mom and I took the kids on a long trip.  We started off in Philadelphia for Angel Baby to audition for American Idol's final season.  She didn't make it through, but we had a lot of fun trying.

Back at the hotel, we spent a few hours at an indoor water park.

The next day, we took the kids to Philadelphia to see Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell.

We went to our hotel in New Jersey later that day, so that we would be closer to the Tim Howard Tourette Syndrome Academy, where Monster Man attended.  We had a few days when we arrived, so we decided to do a little exploring.  The first day of exploration led us to Staten Island, New York, where we took the ferry to Manhattan.  We got to see The Statue of Liberty, which was particularly exciting for us all!

The next day, we drove to Hoboken, New Jersey to go to Carlo's Bakery and have some Cake Boss goodies.

While Monster Man was at the Academy, we visited with one of the other TS moms that I've met online, went to the mall, and took in a movie (The Minions Movie).  Yesterday, we made the long trip back home.

Our summer has taken us to (or at least through, with small pit stops) Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.  At home, it's been filled with new adventures, hard work, dentist visits, and getting prepared for the new school year.  A week from tomorrow, it all comes to an end when the kids return to school.  Angel Baby will be a junior, Monster Man will be a sophomore, and Little Man will be in 4th grade.

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